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Happy Father's Day



Working with my dad is something I’d never take for granted, and while we’re scarily similar in personality, we compliment one another perfectly professionally. 

Dad is an old school litigator, committed to zealous representation and identifying with clients’ positions. I am a “retired” teacher that sees the whole picture and couch clients’ views against what the other side might be thinking and feeling. When Dad wants to put a stamp on something, I scan it for him. When I want to look up a statute, Dad recites it from memory. 

A couple of months ago, my brother and I were texting back and forth about a gift idea for Dad, and we got on the topic of Kurtie-isms, his mantras. My brother started thinking up some marketing ideas for the office. Tell us what you think:

Kurtie-isms with a Meier & Barlow catchphrase thrown in!

  • Call us, and we’ll attack your legal problem in a New York Minute!
  • Repetition is the Mother of all Studies, but that’s not how we bill!
  • Respect Your Mother– Get a Will!
  • Don’t Make a Career out of legal work- we already have!
  • An Automobile is Not a Toy– but if you get hurt in one, call us!
  • We Haven’t Seen You in a Month of Sundays– Call us for your legal work!
  • We’ll try to remember your name, but just in case, we’ll call you Bob, Margaret, or George.

To the only guy that names the furnace, vacuum cleaner, and car top carrier; the guy that cleans the bottom of the boat every weekend; the guy that coordinates with the school principal to make sure his grandson’s teacher’s name is the fictitious Mrs. McGillicutty every year; the guy that Puts His Powers to whatever you need and can accomplish anything; the guy that wanted to name me Petuka after Tony Perez’s wife – to our most crazy Kurtie – Happy Father’s Day.  

You might have moved down to my #2 spot on 4/10/07 and to my #3 spot on 7/4/10, but you’re still my favorite Daddio in the land! We love your One of A Kindedness and wish you a year of Power to the People. Truly Nolan!

Ashley Barlow