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Why Reason, Respect & Grace?

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Today it seems like we are all so busy. So many things to do, so little time. Our skin seems to be so much thinner - the smallest things set us off, over the edge. It’s easy to get attention for things that irk us with communication to the masses being available at our fingertips, pretty much whenever the mood strikes.

In my life as a Lawyer and Special Needs Advocate for my son, Jack, who has Down Syndrome— I attend to issues of human behavior that can be pretty frustrating which is why acting with Reason, Respect & Grace makes so much sense as a counter to what often can seem like an onslaught of bad feelings.


Acting Reasonably within the shadow of the law.

Showing Respect for others.

Using Grace to treat others the way you’d treat yourself.


Because these sensibilities instill a sense of optimism and when used in tense situations, can make the unmanageable, manageable. There’s almost always a silver lining to a situation even when sometimes it seems invisible.

That’s what makes me different. Finding your silver lining is a lot better for your soul than refusing to look for it.

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And most of all.  Reason Respect & Grace is about them.

Ashley Barlow