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Be Organized: Establishing Your Contribution to Your Child’s IEP Team

This is the fourth in a series of posts about the role of the parent in the IEP meeting. Read the firstsecond, and third posts on establishing yourself as an equal partner in your child's special education process and progress monitoring.



One of the most powerful statements I’ve read in a conference summary said something like, “Mom is here with a very organized binder.” Being organized not only helps parents feel ready and informed, but it also has a very impactful purpose in the IEP meeting. 

When you are organized, school professionals are likely to see you as prepared, organized, and knowledgeable. You can also track your child’s progress more easily. Think of your binders like photo albums- they tell the story of your child’s education. 

I prefer binders are organized in a chronological order, as they tell the story in the most efficient manner. I like to use different colored paperclips to designate which documents are IEPs, evaluations, student work, my notes and research, etc. and small tabs to help me locate the most important documents. 

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