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Go to School: Establishing Your Contribution in IEP Meetings

In my last post, I wrote about the role of the parent in the IEP meeting. Now that you know parents are welcomed, equal partners in the IEP process, how do you establish yourself as such? How do you make an impact? 

This is the first in a series of posts where I'll give helpful tidbits about establishing your contribution to your child's special education process.  


Go to school! 

You are the expert on your child. There’s no doubt about that. But has your child even proven you wrong on something? Has the mom that hosted your child for a playdate ever surprised you by telling you how many green beans your child ate? Our children behave differently depending on their environment, and they environment includes so many factors. 

It’s very difficult to talk about how a child behaves at school without seeing them at school. How does one get to school, you may ask. Join the parent organization and choose one of two of its volunteer opportunities. Volunteer at special events like the math fair, the school festival, serve lunch in the cafeteria, go to class parties, or offer your special talents to the school staff. 

Being in the school and learning its culture will give you incredible insight into your child’s performance at school.