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Be Prepared: Establishing Your Contribution to Your Child’s IEP Team

This is the third in a series of posts about the role of the parent in the IEP meeting. Read the first and second posts on establishing yourself as an equal partner in your child's special education process and progress monitoring.

Be prepared  


You’re a part of a team. You expect the members of the school team to attend an IEP meeting having prepared. You may expect them to have a draft IEP with them. You will expect them to have their Present Levels of Performance ready to report and to suggest goals for the next IEP. You expect them to know your child and to be prepared to discuss his progress. 

As a contributing member to the team, you should also be prepared. Gather any data you’ve kept, think about your goals for the upcoming year, draft a Future Planning Statement, brainstorm solutions to any problems your child has encountered over the year, organize your documentation so you can access it, and center yourself for strong advocacy and collaboration with your school team. 

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