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Personal Injury

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We know first-hand how accidents and injuries affect families, as it has affected ours. As a result, we handle our personal injury and wrongful death clients with utmost respect, patience, and empathy while we advocate passionately for their compensation.  We give our clients strategies for keeping paperwork organized, updating us, scheduling appointments, and managing care so they can focus on healing while we take on the worry of the litigation.


We are sensitive to the financial constraint that accidents and injuries have on our clients, so we work quickly and efficiently to reach settlements with insurance companies whenever possible. We are proactive in scheduling phone conferences with adjusters, making our clients available for depositions, and suggesting mediation prior to litigating. And we don’t subject our clients to the personal and financial stresses of litigation without involving them in a thorough conversation about the risks and benefits of going to court.


Sensitive to the cost involved in pursuing claims, we are reasonable in preparing cases. We work with our clients to decide things like if doctors’ reports are necessary and whether expert witnesses would help. Our clients owe us nothing in attorneys’ fees unless they get paid. That is, we operate on contingency fees in most injury cases.

Our goal is to help clients wrap up the administrative burdens involved with litigation and settlement as efficiently and proactively as possible so they can concentrate on their physical and emotional healing.