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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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At Meier & Barlow we listen and use interest-based negotiation to help parties come to a faster, more amicable resolution. To achieve more holistic and equitable outcomes, we take a hands-on approach during mediation, working with participants individually and with counsel, encouraging them to think globally and “outside the box” rather than sticking to legal norms.

Scheduling mediations without ending times ensures that parties are not rushed and can resolve issues in a global manner without having to schedule continued mediation sessions. This saves time and money in session fees and pre-planning with individual counsel.

We mediate cases for unmarried parents that desire to proceed pro se (unrepresented) in cases involving child custody, paternity, and parenting time. We also mediate post-decree cases and help parents in the areas of communication and co-parenting.


Kurt Meier is a Harvard Law School trained mediator with over thirty-eight years of experience. He has mediated cases ranging from general civil litigation and personal injury to family law and child support matters. Kurt has served as an Administrative Law Judge for the Commonwealth of Kentucky Claims Commission and is a regular mediator in the Campbell Circuit Family Court.

Ashley focuses her mediation practice on Family Law matters.